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Self Esteem and Learning to Love my Nose

There was little I loved about myself while growing up. I was 16 when I noticed I was very skinny, had a big nose and battling with bad acne and pimples. I was assured it was puberty hence the acne but I was worried about the nose; I hated it for a long time, it was big, flat and out of shape or so I thought. Back in secondary school I would pinch my nose for a long time, hopefully it would have a better shape. I had beautiful friends in school back then and I would spend most of my time pointing out what face feature I liked and wished I had.

During my university days, pouting was my saving grace. I would either pout or give a very big smile just to make my nose look smaller. I relied on people to give me a good validation about my looks and pictures which is really sad as I think about it now. I really feel sorry that we live in a world where there is a definition of a woman's beauty. For three years I have learnt to love my big nose, not because I was forced to or didn't h…

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