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Wakanda Forever

So, here I am after a long break. I really want to thank you all for always visiting despite my inconsistency 😴 I am not making promises anymore let's just flow with the writing.

Y'all! I watched the long awaited "black panther" and I was blown........ from the actors to the outfits..... 😎

Everyone had a thing or two to say about the movie, some thought it was overrated, some thought it was just basic and had no message to send, some said it was racist 💁 everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But here is what I think about the movie:

The story line was basic, yes! I call it basic because it was relatable, things that happen everywhere, but worth the watch, the actors gave their best, sweet sountracks too and outfits were awesome. I loved the fact that it was different from every other movie marvel has created (the whole super hero trying to save the world) this was different, the intense fight scenes, the grace and sophistication that comes with it.... oh gawd 😄 kill monger and m'baku had me wishing and don't get me started with the women, my women crushes. This movie showed an importance of being black and African and I so so loved it.

So there you have it, my 2 cents about the movie, what are your thoughts on black panther. Do share. And yes..... WAKANDA FOREVER 🐱

PS: the movie got me greeting everyone wakanda forever 😩


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